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It's time for a little update :D

Me: I've graduated! I'm so pleased. My thesis defense went really well and I only had minimal revisions. I got a 4.0 in each of the classes I was registered for. I got all my paperwork in on time (this is a major accomplishment- forms and deadlines just don't stick in my head). So now I have a master's of science degree. I am currently looking for work everywhere from local crap jobs like a gas station to Program Director, LGBT at a local university. I'm sure I'll find something but my days are basically taken up with writing cover letters and tweaking my resume.

Jack: Not a ton going on. He's kind of quiet. He's happy with Logan and Joe. He's quit the Catscratch Club but will still help out when needed. The Spring Swing went amazingly well and he's pleased that so many people turned out. His big thing that's happening is he's doing a time loop plot with House going back to the night they broke up. Having reread those threads to know where we were starting from I was just heartbroken. God, I remember how hard it was writing that and reading it now? My GOD Jack was an asshole. House should get the chance to throw Jack out but even better would be an amicable break up. We'll see how it turns out.

Savannah: I kind of have her year planned out. I have three major plot points I want to hit with her and they're all tied to fear plot. She's been seeing her rapist out of the corner of her eye and it's getting to her. I want to send her into a depression again which will make her not so, you know, Savannah. It's hard to fake cheer when you're depressed and she'd prone to it in canon. Next, I'd like her to start drinking. She doesn't drink at all when John knows her but late in the book after her life has gone to shit she drinks fairly heavily. And third, I need to get her to tell someone about being raped. She doesn't talk about it, as if she ignores it it will just go away. But seeing Scott with increased frequency, drinking, and being depressed will make it imperrative she tell someone why she's slipping as badly as she is. Oh, and then on Halloween I'm going to need a strong individual to rescue her because I'm going to have Scott take another go at her. This will be private and have a huge trigger warning when linked. I know it's not something just anyone will want to play so I'll figure it out closer to Halloween which is still a long way off.


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