Aug. 31st, 2016

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Jacob has always had anxiety but it was always something he could cope with and manage with my help. But since May or more June actually he's been getting progressively more and more anxious and his behaviors have become concerning. So last Wednesday I took him to Fronteir Behavioral Health and we did an intake and evaluation and it was clear by the time we were finished that Jake has a very well defined case of obsessive compulsive personality disorder. In the last week I have learned so much about this and he feels better a bit just being able to name what's going on. I've been very positive with him, that this is something that is a part of him, that it's not wrong, and my only concern is if it contributes to his anxiety or if he has behaviors that interfere with his daily quality of life.

Scool starts when the sun comes up and I already talked to Mr. Neely and got Jake's 504 plan amended to reflect his diagnosis. If the therapist refers him to the ARNP for medication in October I will have to update it again with that information. His accommodations remain the same, though, and we'll have a review meeting in either September or October. Interesting side note- Jake thought everyone had a 504 plan. He didn't realize that it's a special plan for students with special needs.


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