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I have to get this out of me and I don't know where else to do it. Not facebook because I don't want my extended family to know this stuff. Not twitter because it's too much. Not Slack because it's a fun place, not for this.

So back to my roots I go.

When the election results came rolling in I began to cry. Not because Hillary lost but because hate won. Hate and bigotry and ignorance and, yes, stupidity. Apparently Trump appeals to "the working man"...that mythical white man who's just joe america who doesn't see that America is so much bigger, richer, so much MORE than his shitty little town and his shitty little mortgage.

I am genuinely desperately afraid. This isn't hyperbole. I thought Bush would be a bad president and he was, no arguing that, but the man did his best with the advise he had. I don't think Trump is going to listen to advise. I don't think he's a good man or a good person. I think he's going to run this country into the ground. I think we're going to see a market like none other. He's not going to bring jobs. Even if he does have a grand infrastructure rebuilding plan I fear he'll get it going and everyone will get stiffed on their pay. I think he's a hateful man, a white supremecist, and a rapist. He is human garbage, the sort of lauded elite who gets away with what he get away with because he has money.

I am absolutely terrified that people I love are going to be deported. People I love are going to be put on registries and lists. People I know who are poor and need aid? That aid is going to evaporate. LGBT? Fuck you. Gay marriage, gone. Roe v Wade, gone. Health care? adios.

Everything Obama has done despite monumental obstruction is going to be overturned. We are going to be worse off than ever.

But it won't be ALL bad because if you fall in line with The State and do what The State says you'll be fine. No more welfare, go build a road. Disabled? Well, too bad. No more of that free ride. Babies? Get a rich husband.

There are so many problems in this country and I don't believe he had idea one on how to help anything let alone fix anything and I am afraid.

I am afraid for my queer children. I am scared for my trans children.

I am scared for my half Thai son in law, and by extention my quarter-Thai grandson.

I'm scared of my disability standing. I'm scared of Cody's disability standing.

I'm terrified of what might happen to medicare and social security and how we'll take care of mom in case, God forbid, anything was to happen to her.

I'm afraid of the hate and attacks already happening.

Trump gave all the fringe fuckers who are all white power the "legitimacy" to come out o the wood work.

When will the lynchings begin? Who will be the next Matthew Sheppard? How long until Planned parenthood goes away, gay marriage goes away, how long until everything we've worked so hard for just ends in the persuit of "making America great again?"

I am sick and I am scared.

And I just keep crying.

Date: 2016-11-12 09:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] moonlight69
*hugs* I know it's scary. I'm sick and scared too, but you have to remember that one man, even the president, doesn't have absolute power, and that a lot of the Republicans in the House and Senate don't like Trump any more than we do. I think he's going to have a difficult time getting a lot of his more bombastic and awful ideas passed.

And if nothing else, I cling to the thought that he's a stupid, arrogant man who is most likely going to do something impeachable in the next two years, and the government will be glad to be rid of him in favor of someone a little less batshit insane.

But yeah, small comforts, and I'm so scared too, but the thing I hate the most is the message we sent to the world about what kind of a country we are, who the average American is and what they stand for. <3

Date: 2016-11-12 10:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ashkitty
Yeah. It's pretty terrifying. I never recovered from Brexit, where I just sobbed inconsolably for days, and this is just like being slammed hard against a wall. (And if one more straight white dude with a secure job tells me it will be okay I will actually explode or punch someone.)

We have to look after each other, and protest like hell. We'll be like Dumbledore's Army, fighting the good fight until two years from now when we can have a clean-out of Congress and keep him from getting ANYTHING done.

I don't know. People told me when the Tories got in that it wouldn't be as bad as expected. It's actually been a lot worse. I'm praying this doesn't turn out that way.


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