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Normally on 4th we go to Cody's family and we have a good time and it's fun and whatever. But not this year. This year his sis is out of town. So I came over with all the kids (none of whom even wanted to come with me last night) and we go to my cousin Michele's.

Preface: Mom's a huge racist and so's her brother, that would be my cousin Rachel's dad (and michele's too).

We had dinner and it was lovely. Then after dinner me and Rachel and her wife Heather and Rachel's sis Michele go outside on the patio to pit cherries. We had about 100lbs of cherries to do so we're all sitting around, getting the pits out of them so they can can them for pies and then make the rest into jam.

Heather goes in the house to wash her hands and out comes Charlie, and then Cheye. And they look at us and say "We didn't think it was possible for anyone to be more racist than grandma, but then uncle Robert started talking"

So to sum up, what happened is-
Robert and mom were talking shit about Mexicans and were being super racist and hateful. Charlie (who is not passive and is more aggressive than I'm comfortable with lol) replied to him with logic and reason. This pissed him off a lot, but there's an unspoken rule that you can be as mean to you want to your own kids but not to your sister's kids and so since the girls belong to me and I belong to mom he couldn't get mad at them. So Heather comes in, sees whats up and tells the girls to come outside and pit cherries, trying to mediate the conflict. But Robert's so mad he starts yelling at Heather who kept her cool for only so long and then the two of them got into a screaming fuck you argument and my aunt Debbie was yelling at Robert to leave Heather alone but Robert told Heather to fuck off and go pit cherries and she was angry and said Fuck You Bob and then she left the party and she was crying and sobbing and Rachel refused to look at her dad and my mom said nothing about it AT ALL and the party carried on with no one mentioning it except those of us out on the patio pitting cherries.

And apparently Robert said he doesn't care if he pissed off "those little girls", but the funny thing is...he didn't piss them off. Cheye and Charlie simply think he's a sad, bitter, backward old man, a relic of a dying generation that the world will probably be better off for not having. And Heather's calmed down and will wait for Robert to apologize because Debbie always makes him.

And my mother wonders why I don't come home more often.
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