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My life is a series of doctor appointments. Tomorrow I have to go in to get antibiotics because I'm having a flare up of diverticulitis. The 1st I go in to see about HRT. The 2nd I meet with Dr. Morical the naturopath to get my medical marijuana card because if they're going to dick me around over the opiates then fuck 'em. I'll get some high cbd tincture and they can kiss my ass. In theory soon now I will get an MRI. Why theory?

Because today I called my orthopaedic surgeon's office and I was 100% done and I just laid it out. This is my name and birthday and condition. I had an appointment MAY 17th and was supposed to get an MRI and I haven't heard anything and I keep calling. I'm in pain 100% of the time and my PCP won't give me anything more than what he's given me and I'm miserable and I'd like to get the show on the road. So I get a call back tonight and guess what? They called my insurance to see what the hold up was and my insurance HAD NO RECORD OF THE REQUEST. So the nurse asked them to expedite and she'll call me back Friday.

Ok, aside. I love the affordable health care act. I think it's a blessing on this nation and I think that in the long run it will help a lot of people.

That said? The ACA has clearly confused the hell out of Molina because they fuck up ALL THE TIME. They never did before, but now shit's not getting approved, or weird things happen.

Example. I wanted patches to quit smoking. So my dr wrote me a scrip and I got some step one patches. two weeks. And then I was supposed to step down but I was told my insurance only paid for step one so they gave me 4 weeks more. Well fuck that, I just stopped smoking. I've been quit since May 2. Fast forward to today, June 25, I go in to pick up my pills and what's waiting for me? A box of step two. I fucking laughed in the pharmacist's face. I told her it was 6 weeks too late and I'd already quit smoking so she could do whatever with it but I wasn't taking it. In hindsight maybe I should have and I could have given them to conner.

But, yeah, so my life is literally nothing but making it from one dose to the next because I don't have enough vicodin to do shit for my pain. It hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, by spine clicks when I walk and I can hear it. That's so gross, I can't even tell you. I can feel the way my bones shift and I can HEAR them.

I'm just upsetting myself. My vicodin has worn off so I ate some of my cbd chocolate which really only helps me sleep. maybe I'll get some rest before 2am.
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